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Committed to
Reaching The Nations

Our mission is to reach souls with the most impactful message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit has Led us to reach the cities and states of The United States of America, the cities and villages of South America, and the nations of the world by way of our evangelism partners. The impact of this work is worldwide by The Grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

One of our biggest focuses is showing our evangelism online. This has reached millions upon millions of souls. Many have received salvation just from watching the videos. The Youtube channel, Cleveland Street Preachers, has over 11 million views, almost 100k subscribers, and we have received messages almost daily from people all over the world who are repenting of their sins and giving their lives to Christ. We have inspired and raised up many people to go to the streets and evangelize through the videos as they learn how to witness to people of different backgrounds and beliefs. It has been a discipling tool as well as many also grow from the teachings we place from our church sermons on Sundays as well. 

We are placing videos in Spanish to reach the Latin American community as well. Our vision is to expand in Latin America and raise up a huge harvest by inspiring, educating, and raising up evangelists. We have many pastor friends who are willing to let us preach in their churches and work with them to inspire them to go to the streets and win souls while making disciples of Jesus Christ. 

We are focused now heavily on Latin America to plant churches, do crusades, raise up evangelists, equip the Body of Christ, and spread the wisdom of God like never before in these last days. We are determined to try and reach millions of souls and win them over to Jesus for salvation. We need your help to achieve that, and we thank all those who are praying for us and partnering with us. 

Our Partners Worldwide

We work alongside evangelism partners across the world to further the mission The Lord has called us to of preaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature.

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Let's Reach

The Nations

We're a Holy Spirit Led evangelistic ministry currently laboring for souls in many countries around the world.

Who We Are

Evangelize the World Christian Ministry (ETWC) is a full Gospel ministry based out of Cleveland, Ohio that looks to bring as many souls to the kingdom as possible. Our biggest focus is to expand the kingdom through evangelism worldwide. We also work with missionary partners in India, Haiti, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica. We are looking to keep expanding with more missionary partners who are working hard to spread the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

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