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A Special Message To All Muslims

Will Muslims Go To Heaven?

All Muslims Read This Immediately!

You think your soul will be permitted into heaven? For sure? What is in heaven? Holiness and perfection. Can anything that ruins holiness and perfection be allowed in? Never. Why? It will ruin the perfection that is heaven.

Sin ruins holiness and perfection. Sin destroys. So what is in your soul? Holiness and perfection or sin? Do you sin? Even unforgiveness and anger is a sin. There are many sins. So of course you sin. God's Book says everyone has sinned. So your soul will ruin heaven the way it is. So who can save your soul to bring you into heaven? Who can cleanse your soul from sin to holy?

You say Allah can save your soul because he is merciful. But wait, if you keep sinning and Allah forgives you over and over, the problem is still there. The problem is your heart. Your heart has not changed. It wants to sin against God. Your heart is a heart of sin, not a heart of holy. So why would your heart, an enemy to perfection, be allowed into holiness and perfection?

The only way the One True Allah saw fit to save mankind from sin is by sending Holiness and Perfection to man personally. Holiness and Perfection was manifested through Jesus. Jesus never sinned. So Jesus proved to have the perfect heart, the heart of Holy. Jesus came to teach us the perfect faith God is looking for. By following Jesus' faith, your heart will be accepted by God into His kingdom. Your soul will be spared from death. That's why Jesus rose from death, to prove His faith is life everlasting. So what was Jesus' perfect faith that He practiced? He obeyed the Father perfectly even unto death, unto the shedding of His perfect blood. Why was His blood shed? Because He had to obey the Father to go to the cross. That's why His blood was shed, to obey the Father's will perfectly. Now it is your turn, Matthew 16:24.

If you want to go to heaven, you need spiritual heart surgery my friends! Jesus is the only one who can do that for you! And did Jesus call Himself just a prophet? No. No prophet can perform spiritual heart surgery. Only someone extremely special can do that. That's why Jesus proves to be God's Son. The Father's heart was revealed to mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. That's why Jesus says "I am in the Father and the Father is in me," John 14:11.

Turn from your sins and turn to the perfect heart, Jesus' heart. He rose from death. So He is alive! He can hear you! He is not dead! If you are humble and repentant, "ask anything in my name and I will do it," John 14:14. Ask Jesus to change your heart and accept Him as your Lord. Then read His teachings in the Bible and start obeying Him. Amen.

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