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When I first came to the Lord, my Pastor, Niko, urged me to pass out messages he wrote by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. His flesh did not write them. At first, I was immature in the things of the Lord and took it lightly. This was foolish of me. Little did I know I put God in a bad position because now I know He wants these messages to be spread out. So now, I pass them out, and He can give the increase. But if there are no seeds sown, how can He give the increase? He then has to do other things to do it. I do not want to burden my Father. He blesses me too much, so I want to bless Him. 


Every time we go to our knees and start rattling off petitions we ask God to go to work for us. But there are not many going to work for Him. That's why Jesus says, "The laborers are few." And yet Jesus promises us big blessings, answered prayers in John 15:7 when we evangelize and win souls (ie fruit) for Him to then save, as John chapter 15 talks about. So are you winning souls? It is written, "He that winneth souls is wise." Only wise virgins will be allowed into the kingdom, Matthew 25:1-13. So are you a wise virgin who evangelizes and wins souls Matthew 13:23 ? Or are you a foolish virgin? 


Many people ask me how to evangelize or if they can evangelize even if they have not received the Holy Spirit yet. I tell them to start passing out messages. Then the Lord will prune you the more you start to evangelize, John 15:2. We are in the last days. We need more laborers in this harvest. We cannot keep asking God for petitions while we do nothing for Him! What kind of relationship is that? So what kind of relationship with the Father do you have? Take, take, take? Or do you give to Him? Or do you only give Him headaches? I don't want to be a headache to my Father. I want to always please Him as Jesus did, John 8:29. I want to follow Jesus every second, with every ounce of my spirit. Do you? Or are you only talk, talk, talk and take, take, take? Huh? What kind of believer are you? A wise virgin or a foolish one?

Why These Tracts?

The first and most important reason why these messages are so crucial to spread is because the Holy Spirit verified them. The Lord has His prophets to this day, as we are in the last days. In the Lord said in the last days He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and dreams, visions, and prophecy will follow, Acts 2:18. So we are in the last days. And in the last days prophecy will happen along with the other gifts of the Spirit, 1 Cor 12:8-11. The gifts of the Spirit are the actual physical manifestation of His presence or evidence, 1 Cor 12:7.


Prophets are alive to this day. I know many. They are truly holy and love the Lord. The Holy Spirit has spoken through a few of them about these messages, verifying, "My wisdom is in these messages." "These messages have power." One prophet even had a dream. In the dream, there were boxes and boxes of these messages. The Lord spoke to him and said, "My wisdom is in these messages. SPREAD THEM ALL OVER THE WORLD." So we want to obey the Lord!


Many tracts today are in brochure style form, colorful, and fit into a pocket easily. But these tracts have Calvinistic teaching on them, most of them at least. There is no power there. The power is when God's wisdom is there to enter into someone's brain to see the Light. These messages have that. Some of you may think, "But I don't see the Gospel on these?" Do you see wisdom on them? God Himself spoke wisdom is in them. His wisdom. His wisdom can enter into people's minds when they read it. Then they can be nudged closer to coming to the Truth after reading. We know and have been verified this indeed happens. The Lord uses these messages for His glory.


I pass them out and will continue to do so. You can download the PDF, print them, and pass them out anywhere you go! I keep some in my car and hand out as I leave stores. I also have placed many on car windshields and by hand during large events or on the sidewalks in the busy city. With an 8.5x11 piece of paper, unlike the typical brochure tracts, one cannot simply take and throw in their pocket right away. They are more forced to look at it before they fold it to put into their pocket. This is how we catch their attention, and many people indeed fold them to read later. I witnessed this many times. Glory to the Lord! 


We currently have some of these messages translated in Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian, Arabic, French, Urdu, and Filipino. We currently have missionary partners passing these out along with us in many countries world wide. These messages do a big job against the enemy! Join us in the battle for souls! Join us in the war for people's minds! Join us for the glory of our Beautiful Father in heaven! 

Email Lists

A lot of people do not see the importance of evangelizing. This is sad because we are supposed to follow Christ. That means we do as He did. He went from city to city evangelizing people constantly. It was what He craved, ate, and lived for, John 4:34. Do we crave this work? Do we eat it and are satisfied? Do we live to eat this meat, aka do His work of spreading His wisdom? Hosea 4:6 says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." So how can they live then? If they have the knowledge and obey such knowledge. But how can they obey such knowledge if they don't even have it first? That's where we, the body of Christ, come in! 


So here is a list of emails where you can start to send people the tracts to. This will be a big work for the Lord. And of course, the emails are free (in case some of you were wondering). So now you really have no excuse to work for the Lord! Now get to witnessing, soldier!

See email lists at bottom of this page.

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