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A Strong Message To Iran & Muslim Leaders

A Strong Message To Iran & Muslim Leaders

Why We Do This Work

Evangelizing The Whole World

The Holy Spirit spoke to our church last year many times. One of those times He said, "Your small group does bigger work than most mega churches." We were surprised and yet not at the same time. We know how hard we work for the Lord. How we strategically attack the enemy in special ways. We strive to be the spec ops for Jesus so to speak. It isn't easy. There definitely is a cross to carry. But in the next life, the eternal one, it will all be worth it.

We must remember that this life is temporary. All we are concerned with in this life, all our worries, anxieties, fears, stresses, they are all dust. In the big picture they are nothing. We are truly speaking dust. God made us dust, and we become dust again. But our soul goes on. And if we persevere in the faith unto the end, finishing the race, it will all be worth it my friends. So with all the daily troubles that come, all the bills, daily obstacles, even heavy duty hard hits from life that immediately put you in seriously bad seasons, will all fade. Then what? All that is left is what is written in our book. So what is in yours? Will your book have just one, lame chapter? Or will your book be filled with amazing testimonies? Will the Father get pleasure reading your book out loud? Will He glorify Himself through all the amazing testimonies in it because of your obedience? Those who are spiritually mature in the faith, the wise, think about these things. The foolish virgin mentality doesn't even have these thoughts cross their minds.

With all that being said we strive to obey our Lord. If we don't obey Him, how can we call Him Master? How can we call Him, Lord? So we want to obey His commands in totality, not in partiality. He commands us to evangelize, John 15:2-6. He says if we do not evangelize to the point of winning souls to Him that we prove not to be real with Him. We then are cut off and cast into the fire. He cannot let anyone fake into His real kingdom.

One of the big works I do is send messages of all kinds to all types of people. We have special messages to attack the demons in high places, including governments. This particular message is going out to the leaders and government workers in Iran, as well as other Muslim nations that persecute Christians. We are getting it translated in different languages. We will collect emails and then send it out by the masses! We do not play games! We are spec ops for Jesus on the front lines of the battlefield! All the daily worries must be put aside and His work must be the priority.

The hope is that some of the readers see the Light and repent by turning to Jesus. It also will be powerful seeds that could grow and be reaped into the others that did not repent immediately to do so one day. So we do this by faith. We evangelize by faith. Even if a tiny portion see the Light, that is wisdom. Then, we just evangelize countless more so that even that tiny percentage will be large one day. So if only 1% see the Light, we want to evangelize not 1 million people, but 1 billion people! That will win many more souls in the end! This is the wisdom. Nobody can argue the fact that the more souls you evangelize, the better off it will be. More people will come to the Lord. But if you only evangelize a few people, how can anyone say that is wisdom?

Here is the blow to the demons inside the people governing Iran. Praise the Lord for His wisdom!

A Serious Warning To All Iranian Leaders, Government Officials & Workers

Foolishness Is Getting Iran In Serious Trouble!

Every single leader thinks they are a good leader. All of you think you are good leaders. The best leaders bring peace, prosperity, justice, and freedom for all. The worst leaders bring fighting, tension, injustice, and bondage to their people. The best leaders serve their people. The most evil, corrupt leaders make their people slaves to them. So what kind of leaders are you? Look at the state of Iran. Iran has enemies worldwide with tensions, threat of wars, and a crumbling economy. Christians are jailed for their faith unjustly. People cannot speak up against their government freely. So Iranian leaders, according to the current state of your nation, you prove to be some of the worst leaders there are. You prove to be really unjust, corrupt, evil people. Do you want to know what the root problem is to your Satanic rule? Sin.

Sin is an evil knowledge manifest. Sin produces death. In order for Iran to produce peace, prosperity, justice and freedom for all, its leaders must be governed by perfect knowledge, which is the opposite of sin. So my dear friends, are your minds governed by wisdom or foolishness? Do you want Iran to produce life? Or do you want Iran to produce death? If you promote sin, you promote death. But the worst of all is, if you create sinful laws, you have chosen to wage a war against the worst entity you can imagine, Almighty God. If you continue making decisions that go against God, you are already at war with Him. Nobody can win against God! He is always going to win and you are always going to lose! However, you can end this foolish war you have chosen, but there is only one way.

God showed mankind the only way to get right with Him. He wanted to reveal this way to us out of His mercy and grace. History tells us Jesus rose from the dead 2,000 years ago. He proved His wisdom is above death. This is the biggest historic fact. University professors acknowledge this. Even their brains are not sick enough to reject history. What about you? Do you reject the greatest history in the world, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus? Anyone who rejects history proves to be mentally sick. So if you reject this history, you prove to be sick in the head! How can you run a nation with a sick head? Jesus’ mind produced life even after His own death. That’s why He rose from the grave. Your minds produce death even though you’re alive. Your minds will take you to the grave. Jesus can take Iran out of the grave. Jesus can save you and your nation. Do you know what holy means? Holy means separate from sin. Jesus gave us the Gospel in God’s True Book, the Bible. The Holy Bible is completely against sin. How can anyone say that a book that is 100% against sin is not from God? So why don’t you read and obey the Gospel of Jesus in God’s True Book?

Satan had positions ruling governments God’s True Book says. How did he do this? Because the devil is a spirit. You cannot see a spirit. This evil spirit, Satan, used people to do his evil works. In the Bible, Satan hates Jesus. Satan wanted to kill Jesus and throw His followers in jail. So why do you put Christians in jail? Why do you do the will of Satan and think you are a good leader? Christians are for peace, prosperity, justice and freedom for all. They don’t threaten or hurt anybody. Yet you say they are the bad guys? For sure you prove to be a government of Satan! Anyone who does not turn from their sins and makes Jesus their Lord, which He proved He is by rising from death, God throws in His eternal prison, hell. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man goes to the Father except by me,” John 14:6. So again, God showed mankind the only way to get right with Him through His Son. That’s why God says, “This is my beloved Son, obey Him,” Matthew 3:17. Obey Jesus, not Satan.

Iran, God does not play games! God destroyed nations when their leaders did not repent and turn away from their sins. God killed kings who sinned against Him. God put those nations in captivity, famines, and had the people killed in wars. So if you do not turn from your sins as well as stop attacking the Christians, Almighty God may just wipe Iran off the map!

Joseph, Servant of God | "I am sent by Christ to evangelize the whole world.”

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