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David Jonathan Lynn Arrested For Preaching Jesus

Pastor David Lynn Arrested For Preaching Jesus

Canada Is Under Satan!

Brother David Jonathan Lynn with Christforgiveness Ministries was arrested recently for doing no crime. However, the Toronto police claimed he was indeed committing a crime. He was loving the homosexual community. Apparently loving homosexuals by spreading the perfect wisdom of Jesus is a crime. Police claimed he was disturbing the peace. Seriously? Preaching the Prince of Peace is now disturbing the peace? How sick in the head does someone have to be to think preaching of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is actually disturbing everyone's peace? How sick must a group of people to find His perfect wisdom, which brings His peace when you obey His perfect teachings, disturbing?

Well meet the Toronto "police" officer, Sgt Henry Dyck, the unjust man that had Brother David arrested. Look what I found about Sgt Dyck. It seems he has strong efforts of advancing the LGBT kingdom here on earth as well as being gay himself.

Please, do email this evil man who stripped our brother of his freedom and tell this devil to repent.

Email the Toronto police, government officials, legislators, secretaries, and so on to prove they must be really mentally sick to find the preaching of Jesus disturbing. These sick brains are governing Canada and its cities? These sick minds that find the perfect wisdom of God offensive are in power to control you and your children's future if you are a Canadian? Does nobody else seem to see how serious this is? Sick people who hate morality, wisdom, and perfection, which comes from the Bible, are in charge of you and your children. Where are the churches? Where are the pastors standing up? Where are the Christians in Canada making a voice? Where is the media giving unbiased coverage? What on earth is going on in our world today? Do you know? I know. I see it very clearly as the Lord showed me years ago.

What I find really interesting is the 519 group that said on their facebook page that they prepared with if they had plans to attack Christians beforehand. Indeed, it was premeditated.

There is a war for your mind. The devil and the demons want to hide truth from you. Why? Because the "truth shall make you free." Why on earth would the enemy want you to be free? You are much more valuable, less of a threat, and productive for him if you are his slave, in bondage to his evil knowledge. That's what the Toronto Police are in, bondage to evil knowledge governing their brains. They are fools. Same with the liberal dictatorship of Canada. And the Christians bow down like chickens instead of roaring like lions. Well my brothers and sisters, I'm not going to allow our brothers from another country suffer. I am going to roar and spread the perfect wisdom to shake up the evil brains of those Canadian liberals reading this. So to all you Canadian liberals:

The wisdom of God is the wisdom mankind needs in order to live in perfect peace, joy, and love. In order for people to know this wisdom it first must be spread. This is what preaching does. It is the spread of God's wisdom. Without the spread of this wisdom, how can mankind receive the perfect knowledge to live in perfect peace, joy and love which Jesus proved? Yes He proved it by rising from the dead. This is historical fact, not a myth as many of you may laugh and say. Then again, you already prove you are mentally sick by believing the Prince of Peace is disturbing everyone's peace, so how much more are you sick in the head for rejecting the greatest history in the world, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. So He rose from the dead. You reject that. What else do you reject? 2+2=4? How sick is your brain? What level of stupidity governs it exactly? And you are in charge of keeping people in Canada safe? How can a sick brain keep people safe? Or will your sickness spread onto the people, like aiding in the shutting up of the preaching of the Prince of Peace? Shame on you for being fools. Shame on you for stopping perfect wisdom from being spread to your citizens. Shame on you for helping to dumb down your people, your nation. Shame on you for going against Almighty God's will. On Day of Judgment, which you probably don't believe in, you will regret every evil decision you made for going against His servants. When you wage war against God, you will always lose in the end. You've been warned.

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