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Do You Know How The Lord Works?

Has The Holy Spirit Ceased Moving Today?

God Forbid!

Some people like to use 1 Corinthians 13:10 as an excuse that the Holy Spirit gifts have ceased. What kind of thinking is this? We need the Holy Spirit. Who is He? Jesus says "After the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power," Acts 1:8. What kind of power? It is the power for what purpose? The power is to attack and overcome the enemy. For this job, we need the power! So has this job ceased? No. The enemy needs to be attacked as he is attacking constantly. So why would the Lord stop giving us the weapon during the middle of the fight?

People who don't believe in the movement of the Holy Spirit ultimately are doubting Jesus Himself. He says in John 14:12 to believe on Him for the work's sake, for the works He does testify of Him. So the works testify of Jesus and bear witness. Who does the works? The Holy Spirit. So the same works testify of the risen Christ to this day. He did not leave us Comfortless, but instead He sent us the perfect Helper. Help for what? Overcoming. Overcoming what? Sin and evil. Who is behind sin and evil? The enemy. So again, the Holy Spirit and the 9 gifts of the Spirit are the weapons we need to attack the enemy effectively, to overcome the demonic forces in our daily lives. Why would the Lord deprive us of the greatest weapon during the very middle of the fight? So we can lose? NO! SO we can win! The Lord wants to give us big victory! So why don't so many so called Christians believe that?

Because they are not believing in the true Jesus.

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