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Freedom Isn't Cheap

America: Founded One Nation Under God

Now It Is One Nation Under Satan

America is the greatest nation in the world. It was founded One Nation Under God. It's founders believed in God, and they believed in the moral laws from the Bible. So they formed a Constitution with those minds that were governed under God's perfect knowledge, the Holy Bible. Our Constitutional Republic, very different than a democracy, does not give Americans rights by law. Rather, it affirms the rights given to man by Almighty God. That's why a Constitutional Republic under God with a free market economy is effective. God allows for free market capitalism when He gives land and possessions to His people in the Old Testament. Free markets allow for ownership of private property. Socialist democracies allow for the "tyranny of the majority" which allows for people to vote their rights away, as well as high government regulation and abolishment of private property ownership.

The founding fathers of America knew this and feared that, which is why the Constitution was established. In fact, everything the founding fathers fought from Britain from for independence, America now has sadly. Paper money, income taxes, high taxes overall, high government regulation, no property in real estate ownership due to taxes, a federal reserve bank, and a socialistic democracy, all these things the founders hated, spit on, and were willing to die fighting against, America now has become.


Although I hate what America has become: - Filth culture - Satanic Hollywood spreading its junk into people's minds worldwide - Rebellious, loud mouthed women who disrespect men - Rebellious, corrupted youth - Biggest porn exporter destroying minds and relationships - Atheistic - Attacking God and taking Him out of society - Losing Constitutional freedoms due to ungodly judges - More and more mental diseases - The world's most obese people and horrible food quality - Highly taxed in almost any area of life - Too strong municipalities that make the people servants - The world's most corrupt federal government - An economic collapse that is inevitable with the debt - It is pretty obvious it is now One Nation Under Satan. - LGBT ideology shoved down people's throats - Brainwashing of children in schools

We still have more liberties and opportunities than most, somehow. We can speak freely against other religions like Islam without getting killed. We do not have hate speech laws like England and Canada do. We still have a way anybody can gain wealth by working hard.

So as bad as America has become, it still is a wonderful nation compared to most...but the whole point I say this is we should see how bad this world has gotten.

God needs to come back into every government. His wisdom needs to get back into the minds of the masses.

Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?

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