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Jamaica To Legalize Satanic Practices!

Will Jamaica Support Obeah?

Will Jamaica Slap God In The Face?

I spoke to a good friend of mine, a brother in the faith in the Montego Bay area. He told me Jamaican law makers are considering legalizing witchcraft and voodoo. When I asked him for the reasoning behind it he did not say much. It seems lawmakers in Jamaica are simply following what the minority crowd demands. There is a push for it. So where are the Christians? Where are the Pastors? When the Christians rise up and stand up against evil, we have the power to stop the evil. Jesus gives us that authority, Luke 10:19. Why on earth would this be even entertained?

I remember when I went to Jamaica. It seemed overall to be a God fearing nation. This means that most of the people not only believed in God, they respected a preacher, with the exception of a few Rastas of course. But most people believed if they messed with a preacher of God they would be punished by God. It is the complete opposite of America where preachers of God are completely disrespected in public, hated, despised, mocked, and attacked. Although in Jamaica most people just kept on walking by without listening. The people have a care for the world and the things thereof rather than the things of God. But I can talk more about the details of this trip in another post. Here I now share with you a powerful message we are about to send the Jamaican government and leaders in city levels as well as police. This letter is to let them know the Christians of Jamaica mean business and will not tolerate such foolishness in their country!

To All Honorable Jamaican Leaders, Officials, & Government Workers

Jamaica Is On The Brink Of Destruction By Foolishness

We, the Christians, want to warn you, the governing servants of Jamaica, that this nation is being destroyed slowly by foolishness. Sin is an evil knowledge. Sin destroys nations. Perfect knowledge has no sin. Nations governed by perfect knowledge flourish. Nations that embrace sin are destroyed. You, the leaders of Jamaica, are your minds governed by perfect knowledge? With perfect knowledge, we can all live in perfect peace, love, and joy. With evil knowledge, we can live with gangs, rapes, killings, drugs, and a rebellious youth. So what do you want Jamaica to have? Peace or destruction? What is your knowledge preparing our country for? What is your knowledge doing for the people? What governs your minds, wisdom or foolishness?

Evil knowledge has spread in Jamaica. Dirty music, gangs, rapes, killings, violence is growing in this country. Why? Evil knowledge is growing. It is embraced. If your knowledge is evil, you help ruin the country. You embrace its destruction. Perfect knowledge growing, helps the country. Jamaica needs people governed by perfect knowledge. Who has perfect knowledge? Only Jesus. He never sinned. He lived the perfect life in perfect obedience to God the Father. Did anyone else in history do this? No. So Jesus proved the perfection of knowledge and life. Is His perfect wisdom governing your brains? In His wisdom, there is no sin. So again, we ask you out of serious concern, is the wisdom of Jesus governing your brains? Do you obey Him totally or do you live in sin? If you live in sin, you prove to be unfit for office in our sight.

Anyone who goes against God proves to be governed by foolishness. So if you make decisions for Jamaica that go against Almighty God, you prove to be fools. How can Jamaica prosper with fools governing it? Witchcraft or Voodoo in any form, is a branch of Satanism! God hates these practices. The greatest command from God is “You shall have no other gods besides me.” So you leaders want to legalize Satan’s religion of conjuring demons to “help” people? Have you lost your minds? We want to remind you that God destroyed nations that went against Him. He judges them, even to this day. Look at Haiti. It is one of the poorest nations worldwide (the poorest nations heavily contain witchcraft also). It is filled with Voodoo. The children have to eat dirt cookies. Poverty is rampant. The earthquake still has damage there. Do you want to bring God’s judgment on Jamaica like Haiti? Why don’t you leaders eat dirt and see if you still want to make this decision? Go try a dirt-filled Patti and see how it tastes! It’s on us.

Jamaica must prosper. It cannot prosper under Satan. It must be a nation under God. That means His laws must govern. We cannot be foolish and embrace judgment from the Almighty for allowing Satanic practices to be legalized. You must obey God. You must read His Word, the Holy Bible, and obey everything He says. Then your mind will be governed by His wisdom. Then you will be fit for your job. Then our nation will grow in peace, love and joy. Then God will pour blessings over this nation, not judgments. Again, this is a final warning. If you choose to legalize the Satanic, you will bring Jamaica down. We Christians refuse to vote for any fool. Be wise.

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