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Trying To Reason With LGBT Teens

Cleveland Pride Parade 2019 Was Terrible

So Many Lost, Spiritually Confused Souls

Once again during the world notorious pride month, Cleveland hosted a pride parade for the LGBT community. We went there to preach and spread the perfect wisdom of God, which every brain needs, so we can live in perfect peace, love and joy now and forever. Sadly, the LGBT community overall did not seem to appreciate this nor have the wisdom to understand this. Why is that?

We went down there firstly to spread tracts peacefully to people. We told them, "God bless you, be safe today," with smiles on our faces. Many took the tracts. Some immediately looked at it and tore them up. You can sense many gays were used to hearing they are in sin and immediately associate anything with God and His Word as hateful. Instead, they like a tiny fraction of God's Word focused on love to make them feel loved by God no matter what they do in their life. This way, they can have the love of God and their sin. This way, they can believe being gay is okay and they will still go to heaven. This is so sad because it is so wrong. Jesus loved us to die for us, not so that we can stay in sin but that we would turn from sin. He says, "Come to me that you may be converted and healed." Going against the sexual design God created for man and woman is a spiritual sickness. It is an evil knowledge that manifests against a homosexual's own soul. It is rejecting the identity God made for you and accepting the identity Satan gives instead. They replace the design of God for the design of Satan! This is why homosexuality is Satanic! God says, "Be fruitful and multiply." Satan wants the opposite as God. Another proof we know it is Satanic is God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. For what? For the Satanic twisted sex-style the people were living in.

After passing out tracts the parade march began. Then we went in full force preaching against sin. We condemn sin as Jesus condemns sin. We follow Jesus. This is what He commands, Matthew 16:24. So we do as He did. We promote what He promotes. We demote what He demotes. How can you be in Christ if you promote what He condemns? He condemns sin! So if you promote sin, how can you say you follow Christ? How can you be in Christ while you disobey Christ?

Most homosexuals were either abused in some form, molested, raped, exposed to porn at a young age, or had issues with their fathers growing up from my personal research. This does not mean people with these pasts in their youths automatically become gay. There are many factors and variables in each case, with every person. But the point is this, that proves they are not born that way. They become that way. Then as they get the knowledge it is sin and remain in sin, at that point they choose to be gay. Just like a sinner is not born a sinner. Jesus says babies are innocent and go to heaven in Matthew 19. But once a sinner hears the Gospel truth, rejects it, and stays a sinner, they choose to be a sinner willfully. Hebrews 10:26 says "If we sin willfully after having knowledge of the truth there remains no more sacrifice for our sins."

We love the LGBT community. We love the homosexuals. We care for their souls. This is why we want to try and help them. They are sinners just like everyone else, in need of saving of their souls. The problem is, with pride, God won't be able to work inside a person. As Phil 1:6 says God finishes the work in us, this is only after we give up our lives to Him, in total submission, and humble ourselves to repenting. Only then, after we freely choose this, can then God do and finish a work in us. He does not force us to do anything as He gives us free will to choose. We can choose to obey or we can choose to sin. He allows for this freedom to test us, to see if we truly will choose to love Him.

Sin, is an evil knowledge manifest. As you can see from the video below, the evil knowledge governing the minds of the LGBT community is holding them back from heaven. When we buy into a lie, we live in deception. That means we then walk in darkness disguised as the light. This is what we see here. The LGBT community is walking in darkness believing it is the light. This is Satan's trap! Satan comes off as the Light. But Satan truly is the darkness as there is no Light in him. So how does Satan speak? Satan does not need to speak through a snake as he did to Eve. Today, Satan has many ways he speaks. He can speak through an entire community that is blinded by his twistings.

So the best for all, especially the homosexuals, is to hear the perfect wisdom of God, repent or turn from their sins, ask for the Holy Spirit to help them while turning from their sins, start to read God's Word, and apply it in their daily lives while praying daily. This will allow God to build a relationship with the repentant. This will then lead to eternal life after death from this world. In this eternal life, there is perfect peace, love and joy forever. How on earth, can anyone logically choose to reject this? So the LGBT community is saying it is worth having their sexuality in this life in order to lose perfect, everlasting life? The LGBT community is saying having pride, which is abomination to God, Prov 16:5, is worth going to hell for? And more and more people in our western societies are agreeing with this community instead of God? More are siding with this community instead of God? More are obeying this community's word over God's? What kind of insanity is this? Since when does man think he knows better than God? Do you know who was the first like this? Lucifer in heaven! That's why he fell and took 1/3 of the angels with him. Again, this is another proof LGBT is Satanism. It follows the footsteps of Satan and his evil knowledge.

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