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What Is My Purpose?

What's The First Thing You Should Do When You Wake Up?

What Is The Best Purpose For Your Life?

Do You Know For Sure?

What is the purpose of your life? Do you know? Is it to make a lot of money? Is it to drink and have a good time? Is it to laugh with friends and family constantly? You can make all the money in the world and have fun, but you won’t take a penny with you when you die. All your life will be buried, dead in the cemetery with you. So the purpose of your life is to prepare for the cemetery? Really? Is this a wise way to live? I want to be wise. Do you know the purpose of my life? I am preparing for the real life, my life in heaven! All the pleasures of this world cannot prepare you for the eternal life. You must be prepared to enter heaven.

God is perfect. He is Just. And because of this, He cannot allow just anyone into His perfect kingdom because otherwise it will be destroyed. Now here is the Good News. God loves mankind. God wants to help you so you can be prepared to enter His kingdom. God gave mankind a way out of the cemetery. Did you know this? God sent us a special Helper, the Messiah, to teach us perfectly so we could live in perfect peace, love and joy with each other. Learning this now prepares us for His kingdom because His kingdom is perfect. No sin is permitted in His kingdom because sin produces death. Sin destroys. Sin is the cornerstone of the cemetery. But God gave us the cornerstone of His kingdom, heaven. His cornerstone is a person spoken of by the prophet, King David in Psalm 118:22-24. Do you know who He is?

He is the only person ever in history who literally walked out of His own cemetery. So He proved His teachings are true and produce life. Nobody else in history proved this! If we follow this person, we too will walk out of the cemetery. So the purpose of my life is following this person and His perfect teachings every day. Do you know who He is? According to the Holy Book, He never sinned. Remember, sin produces death. Sin is the cornerstone of eternal death. He is the cornerstone of eternal life. No sin, no evil, is found in Him. His name is Jesus!

Because He rose from death He is alive! So He can hear you! Talk to Him and ask Him to be your personal Messiah. He wants to help you personally. He does not want you to die and go to hell, the eternal cemetery. Read the Gospels in the Bible, God’s Holy Book, so you can learn His perfect teachings and obey Him. Satan does not want you to. Satan wants you in the cemetery. So by reading and totally obeying the Gospels of Jesus, you are doing the complete opposite of Satan’s will, which means you are doing God’s will. So when you start obeying Jesus totally, then you will be at peace knowing the true purpose of your life. Turn from your sin, from death, and turn to Jesus, the Life, John 14:6. Pray this out loud “Jesus, show me who you are. I accept you now as my Savior, my Messiah. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Help me to obey you, and fill me with your Spirit. Amen.” Then we can see each other in heaven one day.

Joseph, Servant of God | Email:

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