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What Is The Gospel?

How Did God Save Mankind From His Own Destruction?

How Do We Know How He Wants Us To Be?

Imagine how people were 5,000 years ago without any Bible. How would they have known how they were supposed to live? How would they have known how they were supposed to be in order to please their Creator? So God gave the law back then. This law was for the people to know how to be. They saw what God expected out of them. God had high expectations from the Israelites. Why shouldn't He? Should He drop His expectations for love? Grace? If He drops His expectations to accommodate what we want, then He compromised His perfection for our imperfection. Does a Perfect God compromise His perfection? If He compromises His perfection, what would happen to His kingdom?

So God has expectations once He tells His Creation how He wants things. He is loving and graceful to give His Creation time to change. He is willing to help them change if they ask Him. Then His Creation, while repenting or changing, to do His will, see His Beauty. This is a relationship formed now with the Creator. If He is the Most Beautiful Being, which He is because He is Perfect, how can His Creation not want to repent? How can His Creation not want to please Him? The reason why is because of foolishness. Man likes his own foolishness rather than perfect wisdom. That's why Jesus says man likes his own darkness rather than the light, Jn 3:19. Man loves his sin. If anyone loves himself, he will stay in sin. So man who stays in sin rejects his perfect Creator or Father, and exchanges it for his own stupidity, his own catastrophe.

So now fast forward to today where we have the Bible. We officially know what God wants. God gave His Creation a big help, the Word, to show us how He wants us to live. If we follow His perfect teachings, we all live with perfect peace, love, joy and unity. Since He is Love, this is what He wants for us. This is what He destined His Creation for. This is His perfect design for His children's lives. When we go against His perfect design for what we want, sin, we throw away that perfect plan. We throw away that perfect peace, love, joy and unity. Giving up these things is foolish. So sinning against God proves to be foolishness!

God wanted to help mankind. God wanted to save man from his foolishness. He wanted to help us the best way. The best and only way to do it, as God saw fit, was to give mankind His Son. Why? The Son is the Word. The Word always obeys the Father's will. The Father's will is spoken through His Word. The Word proceeds forth from the Father's will and mind. So the Word that God speaks is the pure sequel to what was inside the Father's mind and heart. Jesus is that perfection manifest. He is the physical embodiment of God's will and thought. God's will and thought is expressed through His Word. Jesus, the human part, is the perfect, physical expression of God. Jesus, the human part that walked this earth, came to teach us the perfect will of God. How? He did this by example. We know this because Jesus was water baptized for the remission of sins. Yet He had no sins. So this proves He did it to show us His every day moves, are how we are to live. And every second of Jesus' life on earth, fulfilled God the Father's will.

So Jesus taught us. He even was willing to die not only death, but the death He did not deserve. He chose to. That's why Jesus says no man forces Him to lay down His life, He chose to lay it down. God wanted to save mankind. Jesus wants what the Father wants. The Word always obeys the will. He shed even His perfect, pure blood for us. His blood is the fulfillment of perfect obedience to the Father. Why? Because the Son asked 3 times in the Garden, "Take my cup not by my will but by yours." The Father said the Son still had to shed His blood. So the Son obeyed the Father's will over His own. So the blood was shed for that purpose. Nobody else had that kind of blood. Nobody else on this earth pleased the Father perfectly like the Son.

So now instead of the Mosaic law showing us the way to live rightly in God's eyes, we have the Son. This is the New Covenant. In Jesus and His blood, we now obey Him instead of the Mosaic law as part of this new agreement between man and God. So as man wants to live rightly to please His Creator, man now must turn to the Word of the Creator. So obeying the teachings of Jesus brings us to how God wants us to live. If we disobey His teachings, then we are out of God's will.

Can anyone be saved if they continue to live outside God's will? Never! That would mean God is compromising His perfection! That's why Jesus says, "Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, only those that do the will of my Father," Mt 7:21.

Obey Jesus. His blood cleanses us from sin, which is foolishness. Blood was shed from the Word. Why? What was the reason? The reason is because the Word obeyed the Father perfectly unto death. That blood is the fulfillment of perfect obedience from a man to God. Nobody else fulfilled that desire from God the Father, except the Son as He manifest as a man. So the Son saved man from his own destruction, foolishness. Should any man turn to the Son as His Lord, obey Him, submit to His will, then that man truly accepts that blood shed. That blood was shed in order to prove love to the Father. That blood was also shed to prove love to man, to also teach man out of that love, in the hopes man would never perish but have everlasting life. God wants you to have life perfectly with Him now and forever. Will you accept His Son? Will you believe in the Word? If you truly believe in the Word, you will obey the Word. Then when you obey the Word, you prove to truly follow the Word. And the Word's blood washes you as you walk in the Light, His perfect wisdom, 1 Jn 1:7.

The Son conquered the grave. The grave was the end of all who sin. The grave is the payment for sin. Satan created the grave. Satan created death. How? How can Satan create at all? Because Satan started death by being the first to sin against Almighty God. Satan is the founder of death! Jesus destroyed Satan's creation and fulfills the very first prophecy spoken of the Savior in Genesis 3:15. That's why Jesus came to "...destroy the works of the devil," 1 Jn 3:8. Satan came to ruin God's Creation with sin. Jesus came to ruin Satan's creation through perfect obedience, which is the blood. That's why in His blood, there is life. There is no grave in the Lamb's blood. Accept His blood, His sacrifice, by now drinking that blood as He says to in Jn 6:54. So the Gospel is God's reconciliation with man. How? Only through the Son. If you disobey the Son, you reject the blood. ''"They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate," Titus 1:16. If you reject the blood, you reject the love of God. If you reject the love of God, you reject God for He is love. If you reject God, He will reject you.

Turn from your ways and turn to the Son, the only way to the Father. The Son of God, Jesus, is the only acceptable way into God's will. Once in His will, you can have beautiful life with Him, through the Son, forever. God bless you all. Amen.

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