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What's The Best For You?

What's The Best For You?

Do you know what the best for you is? The best for anyone anywhere is this: perfect life now and forever. Who can give it to you? Only Jesus. Why? Because He rose from the dead. Did anybody else in history rise from the dead? No. So nobody else proved they have life after death, life forever. Jesus walked out of the grave. He walked out of death. He walked into life, into the forever, the perfect forever, heaven. So if you want that perfect life forever, you have to walk as Jesus walked. Do you? How much do you? Do you do it a little bit? Let's see how He walked.

Jesus walked in total obedience to the Father. Jesus gave up His will and replaced it with the Father's will. That's why Jesus says, "The Father has not left me alone because I always do those things that please Him," John 8:29. So Jesus was not looking to please Himself. He was not looking to have an easy-going time hanging out with His friends and family when He was not working. He was not looking to relax whenever He had down time constantly. He was not looking to go take a vacation. He was not trying to enjoy worldly festivities all the time. And of course, He certainly was not living in sin. So what about you, my friend? Are you living the walk of Jesus? Are you in those exact same shoes?

You may say, "But He is perfect and nobody else can be perfect." Well, He does say that we are to live the life He lived. This was a life of sacrifice. He sacrificed first to the Father. He then sacrificed to the world, to everyone. Do you sacrifice for the Father? How much? A tiny bit? Do you go to church on Sundays and think that is sacrificing or serving God? Do you help in your local church as an usher and think this is enough? Or do you help youth groups thinking that is enough? Wherever you sacrifice the most is where your heart is at the most.

So who do you sacrifice the most for? Do you do it for yourself? Your friends? Kids? Spouse? And then after you please all of them, then you give God whatever teeny, tiny bit is left over? Did Jesus live like this? He lived the perfect life. So if you want that perfect life now, you must live as He did. He constantly was working for the Father. He was looking to please Him above all else, including Himself. This is extremely hard. It is almost impossible. However, if you truly want to follow Christ, then obeying the Father totally is a must! Luke 6:40 He says, "The servant is not above His master, but everyone that is perfect shall be as his master." So we are not above Jesus. He lived the life of the servant. We too must accept this lifestyle. We must adopt it, embrace it, and do it. Why? Because we must prove ourselves to God. That's why Jesus says "You shall love God with all your heart, mind and soul."

So the best for us is the perfect life now and forever. That perfect life comes now by living in the shoes of Jesus, following His every move. After that comes the perfect life forever. Hebrews 5:9 says, "Salvation is for those who obey Jesus." So obedience to Jesus fulfills the covenant agreement on our end. His blood fulfills the covenant agreement on His end. Remember, we are under the New Testament or New Covenant as Jesus says at the last supper, "This is my blood, the blood of the new covenant." A covenant is an agreement. This chance for God to grant us the making of this covenant is His grace. Then if we humble ourselves and truly repent, He then goes further to give us mercy. That means He will not reject anyone who truly repents. He is willing to accept anyone, anywhere, for any reason. So His grace is the chance to repent and be in covenant with Him. His mercy is that He is willing to make this covenant with anyone who chooses to repent truly, no matter what their sins are. But remember, without true repentance, then no grace will save anyone, including you!

True repentance is mandatory if you want the perfect life now and forever! Get to the Bible immediately so you can learn His perfect wisdom to govern your brain. How can anyone say this is not the best for them? Perfect life now and forever serving Jesus? It's perfect life! How can anyone say no to perfection and be smart? They can't! So what are you waiting for my friends! Repent truly from your sins, get to the Bible immediately and obey the Lord so you can have that happiness your soul longs for with its Maker!

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