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Who Do You Follow?

Our Latest Article In The Greek American Newspapers

Who Do You Follow?

Christ says to “Deny yourself, pick up your cross daily, and follow me,” Matthew 16:24. So Jesus says we must follow Him. Did He say to follow anyone else? No. Did He say to follow any institution? No. He says clearly to follow Him only! This is a command. When Jesus gives us a command, this is just good advice for life or is it mandatory to obey? It is mandatory. Why? God is perfect. His kingdom is perfect. He is the Boss who gives commands. If you do not want to obey the Boss’s commands, what do you prove? You prove you want to be the Boss instead. Can anyone go to heaven without submitting to God? Never.

So you want to go to heaven? Really? Who is your Boss? Who do you follow? Who do you listen to? Who do you obey totally? God or yourself? God or someone else? Every believer thinks they are okay with God. Every believer thinks they are going to heaven. But I do not follow what people think. I follow Jesus. I follow what He says and what He says only. I do not follow any man and what he says. So what does Jesus say? Have you ever read the Gospels to find out what He says? Jesus says not all believers go to heaven. Did you know that? He says, “Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven only those who do the will of my Father which is in Heaven,” Matthew 7:21. So there are many who call Jesus the Lord, but He says that is not enough to get into heaven. So what does it take then?

He says we must do the will of the Father. Did He say to do the will of anyone else? No. So if any man comes to you and says they are from God telling you to do things, you say to that man, “Is this the will of God the Father?” That man will obviously say yes, it is God’s will. But remember, Jesus is the Lord. We must go to what Jesus says in the Gospels. Obeying everything that Jesus teaches is the will of the Father, Matthew 17:5. So if any man tells you to do something that is not found in the Gospels, not found in the perfect teachings of Jesus, why should you obey what that man says? That man may come off like he is holy too. I do not care how holy that man thinks he is. If he says I must do something that is not what Jesus says to do, I will not listen to that man. That man then proves to be a wolf! Wolves try to take you away from obeying Jesus totally. Wolves try to take you to obey them instead. That’s why Jesus says, “The blind follow the blind and they both fall into the ditch,” Matthew 15:14.

So remember my friends, do not trust anyone with your soul’s journey to heaven. Trust Jesus. Trust what He teaches in the Gospels. Read what He teaches and obey Him. Do not trust what any man says blindly even if you think he is the holiest man on earth. The Holiest person that ever walked this earth was Jesus. So He is the only One I will listen to. He is the only One I will obey. He is the only One I will follow, nobody else. So if you have not read the New Testament, you must start immediately! Your soul could be saved from eternal suffering because of it if you read and start to obey the teachings of Jesus totally. If you go to any other source, such as another man’s lips, you are trusting that man’s lips instead of Perfect Jesus. Is that wise? Jesus says only the wise go to heaven, Matthew 25:1-13. So be wise my friends! Trust in Jesus’ lips, not the lips of any man. Trust in what Jesus teaches, not what any man teaches. Trust in what Jesus tells you to do, not what any other man says you must do. Find out what Jesus does right now by reading the Gospels! You will be glad you did! Amen.

Joseph, Servant of Christ Sent by Christ to evangelize the whole world.

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