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You Supreme Court Judges Are Being WARNED!

Updated: Apr 1



Dear Supreme Court Judges, All human life is sacred. The Constitution says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but not at the expense of another person’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. You say abortion is legal and women can choose, even at the expense of an unborn child’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do you have the right to go up to someone and shoot them in the face? No, that would be murder. So even though we have psychology professors claiming that life begins the moment that life has an environment, when a sperm fertilizes an egg, you still deny the scientific fact that a fetus is sacred life. Supreme Court Judges, will you be the ones performing the abortions? Why don’t you secularist and atheist voters all perform the abortions yourself, that way when you are holding a dead, unborn child in your hands you can realize that you are murderers? The Canadian Supreme Court Judges recently declared that bestiality is legal, as long as there is no penetration of the animal because that would be “animal cruelty.” Yet to murder a premature baby that was innocent, is not considered cruelty. So you Supreme Court Judges with your foolish logic give more human rights to animals! You give more rights to sick perverts than innocent babies. You judges prove you yourselves are the sick perverts! You are sick, perverted murderers, and you are supposed to protect the lives of our children? Yet you protect dogs more than you protect our children! You protect trees more than our babies. It is easier to get an abortion than to cut down trees. So you give trees more human rights than unborn children! You are sick people with sick thinking. Check yourself into the psych ward immediately you Supreme Court Judges! Your judgment has created a socially acceptable genocide. What makes you Supreme Court Judges any different than Jihadists? Murderers are murderers, period. God gave us this country as a blessing, yet you turn it into a curse for future generations. God says to be fruitful and multiply and that Satan wants to steal kill and destroy. So you want to steal unborn children’s rights away and give them to dogs, trees, and perverts while killing and destroying our children. Therefore, all you atheist and secularist judges and voters are satanic. Your logic and thinking equals that of Satan. Your wisdom goes against Almighty God. You have turned this country from One nation under God into one nation under the devil. Get out of office you satanic murderers! Get out of office you Supreme Court Perverts with your sick minds infecting a once, healthy nation Under God! Get out of office you Satanic Criminals!

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